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Warren was born in the parish of St. Ann, Jamaica West Indies, into the musical Brady family.He started singing at the age of seven, and soon after won the inter-school competition where he was awarded a "Folk medal award".

By the late 1970's he was recognized as a serious teenage double bass player. Warren went to the Jamaica School of Music and completed a degree in Music Composition, Arrangement and Performance. To pursue his musical career, Warren migrated to Canada.

He quickly joined the established acappella group "The Patriots" as their lead singer and musical arranger. The group won the Maja Gospel Music and the Covenant Peer Awards from the Canadian Gospel Music Association.

Warren is a multi-talented young man who has other musical skills apart from singing. He teaches various instrument at the Brady Music School; piano, guitar, bass, organ and vocal lessons. He also finds the time for acting and performing as a stand-up comedian.

Warren has published a wide range of musical compositions CD's and Cassette:

Warren Brady Gospel - Traditional gospel
Thank you Jesus - Traditional gospel
Are You Ready - Contemporary Jamaican Reggae and Calypso Mr. Tallyman - Caribbean/Jamaican Folk songs

Sweet Deliverance - Caribbean gospel
Man To Man - Reggae gospel
His Grace and Mercy - Traditional gospel (latest CD release)
DVD - Live in Concert - (newest release)
Warren strongly believes in using his musical talents to spread the gospel and to lead others to Jesus Christ.

He has recently completed his seventh album entitled "HIS GRACE AND MERCY". The album is now being released in the United States.

Warren has traveled throughout the Caribbean, North America/Canada, and Europe to sing his own unique style of music.

He is often asked to perform at weddings, concerts cultural events and evangelistic outreach programs. With all of his talents, Warren remains an uncomplicated, engaging, and humble individual, whose passion for making people happy, is only surpassed by his desire to see them come to know Jesus Christ.

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