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Troy Auxilly-Wilson was born in St. Ann, Jamaica to Patricia Stewart, a seamstress, and Wallace Wilson Snr., a musician.
Troy has four brothers, Richard, Michael, Wallace & Rhoan and a sister Sharon.

Troy began embracing all aspects of music and began his quest to further pursue his musical path at the age of 4. His prime inspiration and mentor was his father who was blessed to have had the opportunity to work alongside iconic and legendary figures like Paul Simon and Jimmy Hendrix. If anything, his father’s legacy and the events that shaped his musical life were a significant precursor to Troy’s journey. Jamaica has had a fertile and diverse musical landscape. Troy’s growth as a youth surrounded by infinite inspirations was a constantly transforming and transcending saga. It is of no ironic coincidence that this divined career launched during the tipping point of Jamaican music. The road from “Bob Marley Boulevard “and “Jimmy Cliff lane” converged into an era of musical explosion to which Troy was immersed in. Here alongside the mentorship of production stalwarts like Glen Browne, Danny Browne, and Gussie Clarke did he hone his chops not only as a player but as an idea man versed in the intricacies of the art.

Although music is the centerpiece of Troy’s life he was also attentive to the importance of education. From a broader context tackling the challenges and travails of music were but a minute metaphor for what was to come down the road in Troy’s life. Alas every great accomplishment is born from a man’s pitfalls. Troy’s ability to form solid core units was elemental in his career ascension. The name alone of his first band KRU (Knowledge, Respect, and Unity) was an indication of his loyalty and comradry to a greater cause and music being a vehicle for solidarity. He applied the lessons and experiences with KRU to the eventual formation of the group that launched Troy to every corner of the earth. This group was named M.O.B (musicians on board) and it introduced him to his role in spreading the essence of “Jamaican universality” everywhere!

M.O.B's dedication to becoming Jamaica’s top backing unit resulted in them being recruited to support every major Jamaican artist for ten years. Here is a list of artists that M.O.B. supported: Monster Shack Crew, Frisco Kid, Chico, Hawkeye, Goofy, General Degree, Buccaneer, Lt. Stitchie, Papa San, Junior Tucker, Lady G, Lady Saw, Cecile, Tanya Stephens, Ken Boothe, Leroy Sibbles, Leroy Smart, Gregory Isaac, Anthony B, I-Wayne, Everton Blender, Turbulence, Sugar Minott, Yellow Man, Zebra, L.U.S.T, Tanto Metro & Devonte, T.O.K, Machel Montana, Warrior King, Mad Cobra, Merciless, Ninja Man, Elephant Man, Mr. Vegas, Lexxus, Professor Nuts, Scare Dem Crew, Innocent Crew, Norris man, The Mighty Diamonds, Ward 21, Jah Mason, Richie Stephens, Tony Rebel, Junior Reid, Assassin, Frankie Paul, Beenieman, Bounty Killer, Dennis Brown, Red Rat, Sean Paul, Baby Cham, Spragga Benz, and Wayne Wonder.

An extension of Troy’s lucrative touring career got him on the radar of some of the ace producers leading the way in mainstream music. He was recruited by Salaam Remi to be the beat and pulse for hit compositions by the following international artists: Alicia Keyes, Michael Jackson, Anthony Hamilton, UK’s Grammy Award winners Amy Winehouse & Joss Stone. He also worked on soundtracks for the movies “After the Sunset” & “Rush Hour 3”.

Far beyond all of these enriching experiences, Troy has become a Gospel artist & minister spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through his music. He has contributed his talent towards reaching a nation thirsty for the word of Jesus Christ and will remain on the narrow path until the return of the Savior. His first album “Unfailing Love” is available and he is currently getting ready to release his second album “Life over Death”.

“And now a culmination to everything I have done, everywhere I have been, everything I have felt, everything I have seen, all that I have won, all that I have lost, all the stops and starts, hopes and dreams, have led me here right now for you all and the eternal voice of Jamaican universality. Now it is my time to spread the true Gospel of one love though our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the songs he streams through my spirit forever and always.” - T.G.


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