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Pastor F. Pinnock
Fred Pinnock was born in the parish of Trelawny on the beautiful Island of Jamaica W.I Fred is the fourth of six children of the late Clifford and Linda Pinnock. At the age of thirteen Fred lost his father and went to Kingston to live with other relatives where he would attend the St. Andrew technical High School.

Fred Pinnock grew up deeply committed to Christ and to the mission of spreading the Gospel. At an early age he surrendered his life to Christ and the call to serve His Kingdom. Sanctified and filled with the Holy Spirit, the call to ministry was evident. As a young man he was very active in different area of the church. Such as, Sunday school, music, Bible study and the choir.

In 1996 Fred Pinnock was ordain as an evangelist  and shortly after in 1998 he was ordain as the assistant pastor of Calvary Evangelistic Assembly in Jamaica.

In 1999 Minister Pinnock, met and fell in love with the beautiful Doreen Anglin and later they got married, not very long after he  migrated to the United States.

Minister Pinnock main hobby is singing and playing the guitar. After arriving in the United States Minister Pinnock singing ministry took off, he became a member of a singing group where he was the lead singer. His passion is to minister to others not only by the spoken word but through songs.

He and his wife are a great team they love to sing together; in 2006 they won a singing contest at their local church, from there their talent begun to sore.  In 2009 He and his wife release their first album (The Holy Ghost). Minister Pinnock is a humble man of God who loves the Lord and his family with every thing within him. His motto is “There is no good thing the Lord will with hold from them that walk upright”

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