Lamar Powell

Lamar Powell

Lamar was born 2/22/92 in the USA. This Multi-talented kid started playing his first instrument at 5 years old. Started singing in church at 6 years old. This young man made his first CD when he was 11 years old. His brother Jason is a guest on all of his Albums.

He now has 5 Albums Greater Is He That Is In Me, Every Time I Read My Bible, Children Obey Your Parent , Jesus Is My Savoir and I want God to lead me. Every Time I Read My Bible became a hit song, this was written and produced by Lamar. Most of his songs are original. He appeared on the Bobby Jones Gospel program which aired on The Word Network TV station all over the world.

He is an International Gospel Artist, he travel to London, Jamaica and also was apart of Gospel fest 2006 in Barbados. He share stages in different States and Oversees with many well known Gospel artist included Papa Sand, Lutient Stichie, Marvia Providence Alvin Saughter, George Banton, Vickie Wainis, Bro Paul, Sis Bridget & Evangelist Goubourne, Jerry Thompson and many more.

Lamar now plays 5 different instruments. He receives several awards from Gil and Pat Gospel Awards Banquet, 9:30 am radio 4 years in a row for outstanding youth performance. He received on award for the youngest multitalented gospel singer of the year 2006 from Love gospel station and Grace Assembly Pastor Bishop J.O Baker President. He also receives City Council Citation from Yvette Clarke member of Congress for being a role model to the community. His song on the 5th CD “Give The Lord Some Praise” was nominated song of the year 2008 and also most original song of the year 2008.

He was nominated a Pier Mediator in school which means that he help children to resolve conflict in a positive manor. He is very active in school also plays varsity sports basket ball and run track and field.

Lamar love to minister especially to young people, his main goal is to win souls for God. His vision is to form a band with young people and let them know that it is cool to live for Jesus.

Contact Artist

Call Jonette Powell at 973-868-8182 for further information.

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