Kevin Flynn

Kevin Flynn

Born with the natural ability to sing, Kevin Flynn began using this talent at a young age.  It seemed as if he had always been singing.  He began singing within his local assembly (Church of God of Prophecy, Bendon District, St. Catherine Jamaica) at the tender age of four.  He had a mild persona and was very shy, so the small sized congregation was just right.

By the age of five, the Flynn family immigrated to Hartford, Connecticut.  Having the desire to continue serving the Lord the way they knew how, the Flynn family sought out the Church of God of Prophecy.  You guessed it; Kev just would not stop singing.  He immediately joined the children’s choir. Within a short span of time he became one of the lead singers.  Kevin seemed to always have the knack to cheer the congregation’s heart with his vocal ability.

He gave Jesus his heart at nine years old.  At the young age of fifteen, Kevin took on the role of choir director for the Church of God of Prophecy’s young adult choir.   While many of the choir members were older than him, he managed to obtain respect from his peers and still is a commendable director today.

Kevin is happily married with three daughters and is very dedicated to his family. Throughout the years Kevin has embraced his talent, by taking part in several musical/singing involvements.  Kevin was an active member of the Hartford Public Schools’ Choir. He performed in the Hartford Extravaganza from elementary school through high school.  He also made it to the Connecticut All-State Choir while under the tutelage of Mrs. Jeanette Saunders at Bulkeley High School.  He later took on the responsibility of choir president for Bulkeley High School in his senior year.  Kevin has had the opportunity to minister through song in various locations.  He has traveled throughout the United States, Canada, the Caribbean as well as Europe.


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