JP Chilla

JP Chilla

Born on December 14, 1984 in Kingstown, St. Vincent, Jason Providence, also known as “JP” was saved and baptized in 1998 at the Open Bible Standard Church (Pentecostal), St. Vincent, where he began his ministry of singing in the choir and worship leading. As a result, he started to minister with a group called Soldiers of the Cross (S.O.T.C) at many concerts throughout St. Vincent. He participated at gospelfest in St. Vincent, where he won 13 medals (9 gold) for song writing and ministering with original songs. At the age of 19, he began to spread the gospel throughout the Caribbean. To date, he ministered in Ten (10) Caribbean Islands. As he grew spiritually in God, he strongly believed that God has called him to become a full-time minister so that many young people may be saved by the grace of God. His pastor Mr. David Wiltshire and manager Pastor Junior George supports him with his decision. One of his greatest encounters was being called to minister with Pastor Billy Graham from the United States. Additionally, he ministered with many well know gospel artiste such as Stitchie, Papa San, Sherwin Gardener, Chevelle Franklyn and Mr. Lynx, to name a few.

Jason performs with an energetic and radical style. He believes that with these spiritual inspired songs in the form of reggae gospel, young people will be encouraged and saved. He is currently working on his 1st album which is a testimony of his life. Moreover, Jason started his own production company called “Prodigos Production” which originated from the words prodigal and gospel. The basis came from the parable of the prodigal son. Jason’s vision is not only to see music return to its rightful owner ‘God’ but to encourage youth to be strong in the Lord.

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Mission: Spreading the Gospel to young people in the world through songs inspired by God

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