Joslet Foster

Joslet Foster

Joslet Foster is an anointed woman of God who delivers the gospel powerfully in word and in song. Born in Jamaica, Joslet Foster always had Gospel music as a part of her life. Her interest in music grew as she listened to her great granduncle play the guitar and to other musicians in the church. Joslet had musicians and other singers in her family so it is only natural that she too follows this rich heritage.

Joslet Foster is first in love with Jesus and music is next on her list. The excitement can be seen easily in her eyes as she speaks about music and the impact it has on her life. Joslet believes that there is a song for every situation but a song should not be the final determiner in any decision making. The word of God should settle all disputes.

Over the years Joslet has been actively involved in her local community services.

As the Word of God Declares “Death and life are in the power of the tongue… Proverbs 18:21” Joslet recognizes that words are important; the way they are used can edify or pull down, bring life or death. As she would say, “Make sure you are using your mouth to speak life.”

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