Cherry Ann Hislop

Cherry-Ann Joseph-Hislop

Cherry-Ann Joseph-Hislop began her singing in the church from a very young age.  Music was always a joy for her.  Her mom recognized this love and enrolled her in piano classes from the age of seven.  Cherry-Ann completed her initial training in music from the Royal School of Music in London where she received certification in Grades one thru five in piano theory and practical music.

Throughout her teenage years, she enjoyed singing in choirs, groups and as a soloist in her church.  When she entered Andrews University to complete her Bachelor’s degree in education, she decided to complete a minor in music specializing in piano and voice.  This journey of musical studies prepared her to skillfully direct and train choirs, performing several genres of music, and also a career as a music teacher.

Cherry-Ann taught music at the Southern Academy in Trinidad and Tobago, and also was contracted as a specialty teacher by the Bahamas government to teach piano and voice at the Jack Hayward High School in Freeport, Grand Bahama.  Presently Cherry-Ann is a Master Teacher with the New York City Department of Education and performs as a soloist at concerts, weddings, church services and social events.

This mezzo soprano enjoys singing music from several genres.  Her favorite songs are hymns, and she enjoys creating and singing the descants to congregational hymns.  Cherry-Ann’s debut album, “Thinking about you” reflects her love for music; as you listen to each song, may it be a musical experience that brings a blessing to you.


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Cherry Ann Hislop - Thinking About You
Cherry Ann Hislop - Thinking About You
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