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This popular gospel duet has been around for about 12 years touching the hearts and lives of those in various church congregations as well as those in the business and political arenas all over the British Virgin Islands. Tracia and Tarriesha were always a part of each other’s lives.  As they were next door neighbors, their families were close friends who helped to raise each other’s children.  They also attended the same church and sang in the youth choir often as lead soloists.

After some time they realized that they both shared an intrinsic love for music and greatly desired to establish a music ministry together.  “Adoration” as they would soon call themselves, came about as they sought to describe what their ministry was all about; to use their talents in ways that will only glorify the One who gave it to them.  The ladies wasted no time in their new pursuit and spent even more time performing as a duet.  Also, as a step toward the dream of one day releasing their own album, they began composing songs on a regular basis.

In November 2003, Adoration entered a theme song competition for local gospel radio station ZKING and won a recording contract with TML Studios of the BVI.  Elated about their achievement, Adoration composed, recorded and released a 3-track Christmas album entitled “Lamb of God” just in time for the celebrations that same year.

Exactly one year later the ladies completed the recording of their 11-track album “Symphony of Praise” which they proudly released in May of 2004.  Now Adoration’s mission is to take their music ministry to a whole new level by visiting the sister islands of the BVI, USVI, other islands of the Caribbean Region and the US Mainland, proclaiming the love of Jesus Christ through fellowship and song.

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Symphony of Praise
Symphony of Praise
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