Evangelist Suzanne Chin-Taylor


Evangelist Suzanne Chin-Taylor was raised in Spanish Town, Jamaica and is the first child born to Cherry Douglas-Sutherland, a school teacher and Jeffry Chin, an Engineer. Suzanne attended St. Catherine High School, Spanish Town where she auditioned for the school choir and was accepted. This opportunity  helped her to develop her gift in singing.  Suzanne grew up in church and in her late teen she was baptized and became a member of Holy Tabernacle of Jesus Christ Apostolic, Taws Pen, Spanish Town.  After her life changing experience she used the gift of singing to win souls for the kingdom, singing at different church events. Evangelist Taylor lives in the United States of America,  where she got married and is the mother of four beautiful children.

Evangelist Taylor is a song writer, vocalist and preacher who has ministered in JamaicaBahamasNew York and Florida. She toured with the late Skeeter Davis in the 90’s and was backed by the Fab Five Band at concerts all over Jamaica. She says that she loves the lord and ministering with the anointing of god makes the difference.   She said that she has been rejected, criticized, ostracized for the gospel and if it was not for the lord she would not be here, after undergoing surgeries and being in and out of hospitals.  God has shield her from the constant attack of the enemy and she will fight this warfare and run the race that is set before her. She has passionate love for her creator and is in awe of the wonderful things that god has done in her life. She said that the journey this far has been very rough and God’s grace has kept her through the difficulties and struggles that she has faced in her walk, but she is sold out for Jesus and will keep fighting this spiritual war, until her lord calls her home.

Evangelist Taylor has recorded three singles  1.” Holy Ghost Rebuke Them” 2. “Greatest in my life”, 3. “Warfare”,  all three written by her.


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