C.R.E.A.M International has been officially together for the past three (3) years writing, singing and recording songs. The name C.R.E.A.M is an acronym for Christ Rules Everything Around Me, it's a proclamation that we are living by everyday of our lives. There are two (2) main members of the group and we go by the name Royalty and Angel. Our stage names represents the level and mind set that we are at in the kingdom of God.


To assist in the restoration of loss souls to the Christian Ministry, by sharing Christ with the world becoming a familiar medium in the psalmist ministry arena, and through other interactive avenues, provide a place where individuals can go to develop themselves in the things of God and enjoy themselves.


We endeavor always to personify the personage of the Lord Jesus Christ, by being vibrant, willing examples, committed to winning souls, by connecting with each soul through our music, pointing them to Jesus Christ and assist them in making better choices in their everyday lives.

The Vision will be accomplished through the following processes:

The winning of Souls for the Kingdom of God by:

  • The development of "The Spot" (A recreational facility)
  • Ministering in Song and Spoken Word
  • Involvement in Talk Shows, Interviews and Round Table Discussions.
  • Workshop Facilitators.
  • Helping others through Charitable Work.
  • Lifestyle being reflective of the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.
  • The development of a Christian Motor Cycle Association, Bahamas.

We believe believed that their life experiences were for a positive purpose. As God has provided us with an awesome gift, He will also provide the opportunities necessary for us to reach the masses with the Jesus Christ message, in a manner unique to C. R. E. A. M. International; all for the Honor and Glory of Almighty God.

We are both happily married family oriented young men who are serious about being a compelling influence in the lives of individuals who have the opportunity to hear our music and experience our Ministry. With all Glory and honor going to God Almighty in Christ Jesus.

Church affiliation: New Life Christian Centre & Infinite Works. We hope to hear from you soon and thanks again for any help you can offer. Keep in Christ cause behond the stars is no limit.

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