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We have a collection of True Grace Promotions gospel artists christian music tracks. You can purchase christian music cds in the lastest genre of caribbean gospel reggae.

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True Grace receives new comers to the genre of Caribbean Gospel Music. Not only is concert promotions are main focus, but from these christian music concerts, christian music festivals, and church funding we are offering the best music downloads of downloadable christian music. Viewers are now able to buy christian music of the christian music artists they heard the same live christian music they heard at that event. Based in New Jersey as well as a NJ transit to other cities in the nation, True Grace Promotions Inc. is a growing christian music promotion company. Keeping Jesus Christ as our driven purpose we ensure the same for our sponsors, advertisers, churches, and affiliated agencies. Gospel reggae growing as it is, we feel its best that all companies in this field can benefit by working together to make our caribbean music a household name just like christian music tracks are known in mainstream. Unique Monthly Visitors are coming in fairly good amounts as more and more viewers and finding our website.

We would be glad to show you are internet traffic reports so you can see the benefits of joining our already growing circle of advertisers and audience. It's an audience we deliver to our advertisers every day in ways that help them grow their businesses. If you're trying to develop a larger audience for your business we can tailor an advertising package that works for you.

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  Evangelist Anglin - Let The Whole Church Dance Album
Let The Whole Church Dance
Evangelist Anglin
Brimstone and Fire

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